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We keep on conducting various promotional cum awareness campaigns in & around the school campus. These kinds of programs are designed to develop positive attitudes, behaviours and core values in the whole school community relating to inclusion and valuing difference.

  • Students were taken to nearby police station where they were introduced and acquainted with ways and working of police department.
  • A promotional activity was conducted by Hero Cycles in the school premises, in which the cycles were provided to the students for cycling followed by a colouring activity.
  • Another promotional campaign by MCvities was organized which included various games for students preceded by discussion on health issues.
  • A G.K.Contest by Horlicks was conducted in the school.
  • A fun activity by Johnsons & Johnsons and ACT II was conducted in the school which included cartoon show and various games.
  • YIPPEE Colour Hunter 2017 activity was conducted by Sunfeast Yippee in the school premises.
  • Puppet making Activity conducted by Primary Plus Magazine
  • A Theatre workshop by HT –PACE to overcome the stage phobia.
  • A skit was conducted by FSSAI which guided the students to check the FSSAI mark , the manufacturing & expiry date , ingredients and nutrients before  purchasing any packed food.