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Hawan The Vedic Way Of Life  

Yajna literally means devotionworship, offering and refres to any ritual done in front of a sacred fire, often with mantras. This divine act forms a major part of our curriculum and performed oftently in the premises by the students as well as teachers for the blessings of God..

Havan is a sacred purifying ritual performed by involving a sacred fire, Agni God because of the fact that the Sun is the main source of energy and a fire is a representation of the Sun’s energy. We the DAVians strongly believe in eradicating inner as well as outer imperfections by destroying undesirable elements and enriching positive energies in the environment through this holy practice. Therefore its been a common practice in our school since long time

  1. The start of every week, year or a session is done with this ritual.
  1. All important dates of the Arya Samaj calendar were celebrated with a hawan which includes Mahatma Hansraj Janm Divas, Ved Prachar Diwas, Birthday of Anand Swami ji, Punyatithi of Mahatma Hansraj, Nirvana Diwas, Dayanand Janmotsav, Shraddhanand Balidan Diwas, Arya Samaj Sthapna Diwas.
  1. Other religious festivals also incorporate enchanting of vedic mantras as a special ceremony in our school including Teacher’s Day .
  1. This year a special hawan was organized in our school with the initiative of Arya Samaj & MDH to lesser down the effect of Dengue by the fumes of this holy fire.