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The teacher evaluation process for these classes is according to the Early Education Development Programme (E.E.D.P.) introduced by the D.A.V. Education Board. The programme designed herein intends to help children grow, learn and develop physically, socially, emotionally, morally and intellectually, thus catering to his/her over-all development. There would be no formal tests and the child would be evaluated on the basis of his/her day to day performance. However, surprise tests would be held from time to time to check the child’s alertness.
Purpose of Teaching

  • To enhance language ability by using language skills.
  • To make children feel wanted and loved in order to fulfill their emotional needs.
  • To stimulate muscles by constant use i.e. physical development.
  • To help children in their social development.
  • To facilitate development of cognitive skills.
  • All round development of the student to make the learning process enjoyable.
  • To inculcate moral values through prayers, telling stories.

Assessment Up to Class II

We are already following the EEDP presented by the DAV Education Board. The Child will be evaluated continuously throughout the year in various areas of learning set in the curriculum. Tests will be conducted from time to time for continuous evaluation. The child will be graded on the basis of this evaluation. Record of progress of each child is maintained by class teacher in the form of cumulative record and checklist. Checklist shows the common developmental milestones of each child.

(A) Scholastic assessment

Scholastic Assessment has been divided into two terms.

Term I includes P-1, P-2, Half Yearly Exams, Notebook and Subject Enrichment Activities.

Term II includes P-3, P-4, Final Exam, Notebook and Subject Enrichment Activities.

Test Days for these classes are Tuesday and Friday.
We follow a pattern of continuous evaluation by conducting weekly unit tests. This system of regular constant evaluation through periodic tests and terminal exams inculcates the habit of regular study and at the same time, we make their study value based.

Weekly tests are compulsory for all students of class III onwards. Satisfactory explanation for absence has to be given to the class teacher. A student will not be allowed to leave the school after the exam.

Periodic 1 :- 3rd week of April to 2nd week of May.

Periodic 2 :- August

Periodic 3 : - 2nd week of November to 1st week of December

Periodic 4 :- January

Final Exam :- 3 rd week of February

(b) Co-Scholastic ASSESSMENT

1. Art              2. Physical Education     3. Activities           4. Personality Traits


It includes attendance, sincerity, behavior and values. Discipline significantly imparts career shaping and it helps build character. Sincerity, good behavior and values develop strength and foster unity and co-operation. Class teacher will be responsible for grading the students on Five point scale (A to E)