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The School Library, a shelter where the shelves are adorned with books that not only stir the imagination but also instill invaluable moral values in every student. Within these hallowed walls, each book serves as a silent mentor, guiding young minds towards a deeper understanding of ethics, empathy, and integrity. The library isn't just a repository of stories; it's a curated collection of narratives that shape character and foster a sense of responsibility. With dedicated sessions for library exploration, students embark on literary journeys that go beyond the confines of academic learning. Here, reading is not just a pastime; it's a profound experience that shapes the moral compass of every individual. The School Library at DAV School is a beacon of positivity, a testament to our commitment to nurturing not just intellect but also the ethical foundation upon which bright futures are built. Welcome to a space where the pages whisper lessons of virtue, and every session is a step towards a morally enriched tomorrow.

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West Patel Nagar, Delhi, INDIA,110008
Phone :- 011-25881101,011-25886238
E-Mail :- davpswp@yahoo.in

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