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Vision And Mission  


1.To provide an education that encompasses life skills, instill Vedic values, and nurtures the latent talents of students through a child-centric, holistic approach within a secure environment.
2. To instill values and essential skills that awaken a sense of national awareness, sensitizing students to social and environmental issues.
3. To foster an inquisitive spirit and cultivate a scientific mindset within the minds of the students.
4. To cultivate a global perspective, molding each child into a well-rounded global citizen with attributes that encompass both intellect and compassion.


1. To empower students with a transformative education that transcends traditional boundaries.
2. To offer top-notch education, we blend modern teaching methods and advanced facilities, all while honoring our students' deep connection to the rich Indian culture
3. To direct the vibrant and essential energy of young minds towards creative and artistic domains via both academic and extracurricular pursuits.
4. To cultivate a robust and well-conditioned physique through the avenues of physical education, games, and sports.
5. To foster leadership attributes, expand intellectual horizons, and enhance aesthetic sensibilities.
6. To foster the growth of soft skills and reinforce positive moral values among students.
7. To foster the emergence of radiant, capable, harmonious, compassionate, patriotic, and accountable global citizens.
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West Patel Nagar, Delhi, INDIA,110008
Phone :- 011-25881101,011-25886238
E-Mail :- davpswp@yahoo.in

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