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Workshops And Seminars  


We keep on conducting various promotional cum awareness campaigns in & around the school campus. These kinds of programs are designed to develop positive attitudes, behaviours and core values in the whole school community relating to inclusion and valuing difference.

1.School hosted a transformative Life Skill Workshop on May 11, 2023, transcending traditional education boundaries. The event equipped students with essential tools for life, covering aspects like communication and resilience. Renowned experts guided students through workshops, fostering self-awareness and confidence. This workshop marked a pivotal moment in the holistic development of each participating student.

2. Conducted a crucial Good Touch Bad Touch workshop on July 23, 2023, prioritizing student safety. Led by experts, the session aimed to educate students on appropriate physical contact, creating a safe space for open dialogue. Through interactive activities, students gained a profound understanding of personal boundaries, fostering empowerment and resilience. This workshop reflected the school's unwavering commitment to holistic development and student security.

3.Conducted a transformative First Aid workshop on August 3, 2023, prioritizing student safety. The session equipped students with crucial life skills for effective emergency response, including hands-on training in essential medical procedures. Students not only gained knowledge but also the confidence to be proactive contributors to community well-being. This workshop marked a pivotal moment in the school's commitment to nurturing responsible, informed, and resilient individuals.

4.On August 28, 2023, Dav Public School conducted a crucial Fire Mock Drill, prioritizing student safety. The exercise equipped students with vital skills for handling fire situations and fostering a swift response culture. This event reflects the school's commitment to a secure environment, blending academic learning with essential life skills.

5.DISABILITY AWARENESS Initiated a program to sensitize students to disabilities, fostering inclusivity and empathy. Through engaging activities and discussions, students gained awareness of challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, promoting a compassionate school community. This event marked a transformative moment where awareness turned into action, shaping Dav Public School as a center for academic excellence and nurturing empathetic citizens.

6.WORKSHOP ON SELF DEFENSE :Weekly self-defense workshops empower students at Dav Public School, fostering confidence and safety. In these sessions, students learn practical skills for self-protection, creating a secure environment. This initiative showcases the school's commitment to holistic student development and safety awareness, shaping resilient individuals.

7.Dav Public School hosts yoga and meditation workshops, promoting holistic well-being among students. These sessions cultivate mindfulness, reducing stress and enhancing focus. The school's commitment to students' mental and physical health is evident in this initiative, fostering a balanced and harmonious learning environment..


DAV West Patel Nagar organised a three day Hindi workshop i.e. 25th -27th and 29thJune,2023 under Capacity Building program under the aegis of DAV Centre for Academic Excellence. Such kind of workshops is mainly designed to upgrade the teachers with latest techniques and strategies as they need to be abundantly equipped with a variety of teaching methodologies and activities. For this teachers were sent to other DAV schools for their subject specific workshops.

English at DAV Centenary Public School, Paschim Enclave.

Maths at Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh.

Sanskrit at Jhabban Lal DAV Public School, Paschim Vihar.

Pre-school & pre- primary at S.L.Suri, Chandar Nagar, janak Puri.

For Social science, Ved Vyas DAV Public School, Vikas Puri.

Class I&II, DAV Public School, Paschim enclave.

Science workshop at ML Khanna DAV Public School, Sec.VI Dwarka.

Capacity Building Programme based on project work, observation drawing and marking weightage at DAV Public School Shreshtha Viha


Dav Public School conducted a workshop for teachers on disability awareness and effectively supporting Children With Special Needs (CWSN). This initiative equips educators to create an inclusive and empathetic learning environment. The school's dedication to teacher development ensures a supportive atmosphere for all students, fostering an inclusive and enriching educational experience.


2.WORKSHOP ON BULLYING: Dav Public School organized a workshop for teachers on bullying awareness and prevention. This initiative empowers educators to create a safe and inclusive space for students. The school's commitment to addressing bullying ensures a nurturing environment, fostering positive relationships and well-being among students.

3.WORKSHOP ON BRIGHTER MINDS Dav Public School hosted a workshop for teachers on cultivating brighter minds. This initiative equips educators with strategies to enhance student learning, creativity, and mental well-being. The school's commitment to teacher development ensures an enriched and supportive learning environment.

              Other workshops attended are:

Headmistress attended awakened citizen program by Ramakrishna Mission.

National Science Exhibition organized by CBSE at Mt. Abu Public School.

Training given to teachers on First Aid at Arya Samaj, Anarkali, Mandir Marg.


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