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The clubs on various levels show the path of self learning through the participation of all the students in the field they are trying to gain expertise, they share their ideas with their mentors and are successful in creating something unique


It is a source of multiple creativity and activity of different character under one roof through which various hidden talent can be explored and refined by taking initiative to find. What is I a student other than academics. As aw all know that “face is the mirror of your mind, this speaks volumes and at a later stage can become a fundamental activity. ” students can exact plays and learn voice modulations and how to use their body language hands, eyes etc to express their acts of happiness , violence, depression etc.


An ancient form of art which has been elevated and appreciated by all. This club enhances and channelizes the energy of student who loves to express themselves musically. All forms of dance are learned by students and they enjoyed it to the core of their hearts. They are taught expressions and graceful movements of their hands and body. They also learn them dancing as per the requirement of the occasion.

Culinary Club

As it is a rightly said that “a healthy body supports a healthy mind”, it is a motto of this club which prepares its students to cook good food without using flame. this club emphasizing on healthy eating and hygiene required for healthy living. Basic table laying and serving methods are also taught. Students also participate equally to present the food a manner that is attractive and tasty with all his goodness and health


Art And Craft

Students with special quality of making best use of waste material are encouraged and taught better techniques to utilize their special skill. A fun filled creative club, that enhances the knowledge of student about the eco friendly material that can be used to decorate homes/classes etc. The labor put I by the teaches and the students can be clearly seen in the competitions and the accolades that they win for school.


This is an eternal art that fills one with all colors of happiness. It is activities that give peace to the mind and sooths the soul. Regular practice of the student will be definitely creating some shinning stars. This club enhances the knowledge and power of the music in children. This performance on special days enhances the beauty of the program.


The club is based on the physical development of the students, where they are prepared for the self defence and other fitness required being strong enough. Girls are special training to enhance their confidence and make them self dependent. All the efforts are well regarded and taken up by students seriously to learn the art of self defence.

Eco And Science Club

The eco club activities out throughout the year invoke love and passion for the nature. “as we can say that nurture the nature and it will nature you” this club makes every child and even a single child can invoke money to take care of nature.

I.T Club

Our IT block is a state-of the-art resource centre where students not only learn about the latest in Information Technology but also carry out activities i.e animation presentations, movie making etc.

Club Activity Teacher Incharge
Music Club Songs, Bhajans & Mantra with instruments. Ram Kumar
Fantacy/Symphony Club Dance, Theatre Priyanka & Nishtha Puri
Welfare Club Use of Paper bags, No crackers, Plantation Drive, Pollution Free Environment, Help age. Savita Khullar
Kalakriti Club Clay molding, Diya Decoration, Collages etc. Monika Koundal

Literaray Club
Weave  a story (framing story with helping words in English), Word Bank (Dictionary), Rhyme recitation, Story Narration, Story book Reading. Mamta Mahendru
Health Club Sports + Fun games, Yoga + Meditation, Judo. Vikas Aggarwal

Nurture/ValueEducation Club
Respect for elders, How to dress up for 
different occasion, Respecting Nature, Teaching of correct posture, Helping your friends/guests/parents, telephonic conversation.
Savita Bassi
Culinary Club Non Fire cooking (Snacks & Beverages) Manju Arora


Club Activity Teacher Incharge
Art & Craft The Art and Design Club of the school aims to teach children various
skills, not only to inculcate an aesthetic sense but also to ignite the spark of creativity.
Julie Dalmia & Sangeeta Pawar
Music The Music of the school helps to provide the right balance between curricular and co-curricular aspects of education  Ram Kumar
Dramatics The Literary club organizes Debates, Declamation Contest,Creative Writing, Spelling Contest, Essay Writing and Story Writing Contests throughout 
the year. 
Divya Mahna & Sneh Lata
Dance Under the guidance of the dance teacher, the children are taught the aerobics sessions, traditional as well as modern dances. Vishali 
I.T Club Our IT block is a state-of the-art resource centre where students not only learn about the latest in Information Technology but also carry out activities i.e animation presentations, movie making etc. Monika Baweja

Science/ Eco
Teacher adopts scientific approach to teach the students. Teachers believe in ‘learning by doing’. We organize various events related to this
Rallies against pollution,Tree plantation,Campaign against plastic poly bags etc. Neighbourhood cleanliness drives   Global Warming issues, E-Waste
Veenu Sharma & Taran Kaur

French Club(Additional Language)
 It includes the study of alphabets, words &  
numbers. Colors, name of nationality, reading and writing at earliest level.
Lakshita Khanna

Table Tennis/Yoga/Judo
The basic goal of a judoka is to take an opponent down by using their energy against them. From there, a judo practitioner will either gain a superior position on the ground or subdue an aggressor by employing a submission hold. Vikas Aggarwal

Culinary Club
Motivates the students to be independent and guides to prepare      nutritious (non flame) food. Aarti Pawa & Mamta Chauhan