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I, am glad to say that as a parent I am very happy with my decision to select DAV Public School for my daughter. Faculty of this school is very good, kind and cooperative. Their teaching skills are very good. I am very happy with my daughter’s class teacher, Ms.JasleenKaur. She teaches so well that Amyrais able to learn things very easily and that too virtually.



M/O AmyraShrestha (Pre School)

I would like to share my experience about DAV School, West Patel Nagar branch. It has warm and nurturing academic environment. My daughter’s learning abilities have got lot of encouragement from her teacher, Ms.JasleenKaur. She is very popular and close to student’s heart. I hope the school and its teachers continue its remarkable service of spreading learning to its students and develop their bright and successful future.

Thanks &regards

Ritu Grover

M/O StutiGrover (Pre School)

I and my son, we both are very happy to be a part of the DAV family. I feel very contented with teachers and the whole staff. My child loves to do the activities given by the teachers and learns a lot. DAV Public School is the best school and its education pattern is different from others . Teachers co-operate with the students in the time of need. The rules of the school are very easy for the students to follow. The commitment and support of the teachers is highly commendable. They listen to every student with patience. You are the spark, the inspiration, the guide, the candle to my child’s life. I believe that my son’s future is very bright in this institution. Thanks to the staff of DAV Public School for helping my child to improve his learning, confidence level and life skill values.


Supriya Jana

M/O Sayanta Jana (IV)

One of the toughest time of our life has been this pandemic year. How difficult it has been for we , parents. Our kids have lived through this, its absolutely unimaginable how difficult it was.All thanks to The DAV School  and very supportive Savita ma’am who has worked really hard and given her best to the kids. She is really interactive during the sessions , also she sdheres to the kids individually which is not an easy job on this online platform. I am very happy and impressed with the way she finds new activities to keep the kids interactive and lively. School has been ery supportive and helpful throughout.


M/O Riaan (I)


This is really a great initiative taken by the DAV Public School to provide quality education to the children in this crucial time of COVID. This is a great step taken by the Principal ma’am to prevent loss of studies.Teachers are working very hard to provide educational assistance to our children virtually. They make the concepts clear and doubts are also taken side by side. These online classes are very advantageous as they   reduces nervousness’s among the students, as many are able to communicate more through this platform as compared to regular classes. One can learn, sitting at

any place. Online classes are the best solution for us as a parent, as; all are worried about the health as well as the studies of the children. I would specially like to mention ManjuArora Ma’am for her dedication and hard work in teaching the students.


M/O Manya(Pre Primary)


All the teachers of DAV Public School West Patel Nagar are really so helpful and dedicated to their students. I am thankful to the class teacher who is so patient with my son and works so hard to boost his confidence. Performance of physical activites, yoga and other activities in virtual mode is highly appreciable. I personally recommended lots of people to connect with DAV institution.


M/O ArshitKashyap (II)

I am glad to share that with DAV Public School my child is progressing very well. The school is trying its best to give quality education and an offline feeling to the students on virtual platform. The teachers explain he concepts in an understandable manner. Their way of teaching is very good. PTMs are conducted regularly for discussing the problems faced by the students. They give personal attention to each and every child. An exposure of participating in various online exams and competitions are given to every student. The work is checked regularly and also the fee structure is pocket friendly. Happy to be a part of DAV family.


Adhar Kumar Bej

F/O khushiBej (IV)

This pandemic affected education system badly. Now, because of the education is going on the online mode. As a parent, I was worried about my child’s education. But, thanks to the teachers of DAV Public School, especially SavitaKhullar ma’am. The way they are teaching each and every student is a commendable job. Moreover, they also pay attention to the personality development of the students. For instance, chanting Gayatri Mantra, Shanti Path and also inclusion of value education in the curriculum(Ved Path) and other activities connects students to their roots.

Chandan Singh

F/O Stuti Singh (I)

As a parent I can say that the school is perfectly managing online classes and giving opportunities of participation to the students in various activities and competition. I don’t know more about school because my child got the admission to preschool in the session 2021-22. Since then the schools are closed due to COVID19. For my child his school is Jasleen Mam. She is very soft spoken, don’t lose patience with the and always pays attention to each and every child. The students wait eagerly for the class daily as she is very friendly with them; also despite of the age the children never get bored off and remain attentive throughout the class.

Mrs Jyoti&Himanshu Chanderwal

P/O LiyanshChanderwal (Pre School)

The school has been off but the learning hasn’t, all thanks to the teachers. I would like to thank the entire DAV faculty for putting in so many efforts during these hard times. The online sessions are so interactive and thoughtfully designed so as to keep each and every kid engaged. Right from the teaching methodology, listening to each and every kid by giving individual attention are few things that are really commendable. I appreciate efforts taken by M. ManjuArora ma’am for designing activities keeping in mind the psychology and capability of every kid. I am so happy to be associated with such an institution which thinks about overall development of little humans.

A big THANKS and KUDOS to all DAV Fraternity!!


M/O AyaanDhawal (Pre Primary)


WE are thankful to school that the way school is delivering online classes to our kids is really commendable. When lockdown was imposed we were worried about out our child’s study. Attending of online classes for a four year kid is a big challenge for us. But, ManjuArora ma’am gave proper guidance to the parents about these and we completed a time of eight months with such an ease. We are so satisfied by her teaching skills that we feel the future of our son very safe.


M/O Jayash (Pre Primary)


In the heart of the capital city lies DAV Public School, West Patel Nagar. Its presence is felt strongly among the localities through its infrastructure, facilities and above all highly talented and educated staff. Although the pandemic has snatched the opportunity from children to fill joys and happiness in the playground of school. The online classes are marvellous indeed to fill the gap. The teachers provide healthy environment on this platform and give equal opportunities to all the students.  I am hopeful this crisis will end; our small angels will again get opportunity to blossom in the hands of the eminent teachers.



M/O AkshatPandey (III)


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers of DAV Public Schol for the hard work they have put in for the online sessions, explaining everything in a detailed manner each day. Preparing lessons, making kids learn through fun, all this through dustane learning. It is very difficult to teach such small kids online. However, the teachers here are making sure that each and every child gets proper attention and the learning is smooth. I really appreciate the fact that focus is not just on finishing the syllabus but also ensuring that each kid is learning properly.


F/O. VivaanDatta (II)


I am grateful for being a part of this great institution which is helping to build the personality of our sons. Kudos!  To all of you for such a warm environment, full of learning on this online platform too. I am thankful to all teaching and office staff of DAV Public School for their guidance and support at every moment. My sons like to attend the classes daily, just because of the effortless learning and care given by the teachers.

Thanks & regards

Rajesh Sadho Pal

F/OHritik Pal (V)


Naksh is very much enjoying in the class everyday. DAV School is a very good school for preparing the platform of a child’s education. Its study material and other activities are really helping to improve learning and mental skills. Teachers are well educatd too. Especially, Savita mam helps the children to improve their creative skills with lots of different activities. She is quite strict , but it is required for discipline. Durin COVID pandemic situation also DAV arranged the online classes for such a young learners so that there would be no loss of the students. Nakshparticipatesin variety of activities and events and enjoys a lot. We are really very happy with his performance and this is possible just because of DAV School and Savita mam. Thanks to DAV family.


M/O NakshMaheshwari (I)


I am writing to express my appreciationfor online classes in this pandemic. We can see the efforts of the teachers in the way, giving examples from the surroundings, conducting activities ad also celebrating festivals with the children virtually. They also encourage kids for physical activities and meditation. You are the super heroes for us who coordinate with children and parents also. I would like to thank principal mam, class teacher for their efforts taken for taking care of ourchildren’s educational, physical and spiritual growth.





I am grateful to you as my child has shown outstanding changes in his academics. You are organising the classes for kids productively and conducting activities to reach out topics to all students without hurdles. I hank DAV School and its team to bring holistic development in  my child.

Saumya Gupta

M/O Aksh Gupta (I)


Being a mother of two kids, educationist and social activist, I must say that I am totally satisfied with the virtual classes that are conducted in DAV Public School. It has turned every stone of our children’s life. Teachers have put lot of efforts to raise standard of our children in every aspect of life , whether it be academically, physically or socially. Our children have celebrated every festival in their virtual classroom with full enthusiasm and even we too are totally involved in these classes.


M/O RidhiGudral (I)


The COVID-19 has resulted in schools shut all across globally. Over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. As a result education delivery has changed dramatically.With the distinctive rise in e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely on digital platforms. I appreciate the way DAV Public School West Patel Nagar, took this challenge to keep the education delivery continued uninterruptedly during this tough time. I personally appreciate teachers and school staff’s support in keeping the learning of my ward continued with extremely good standards. I have never thought off for such smooth execution of class sessions, assignments and on time evaluation. Conducting ptm is a really nice move to address the concern of parents. I once again thank all the teachers and staff for their support and cooperation in the execution of classes.


F/O TanayChitoria(III)


DAV Public School West Patel Nagar, a I have experienced till now is very well known and disciplined. The staff is very hardworking and efficient. Keeps the educational needs of children in mind while preparing the curriculum. Same pattern is also followed during this pandemic time also. Students enjoy very much as many activities are conducted for their development and all the festivals are also celebrated enthusiastically.

Thanks to Principal Mam and all the staff members.


M/O Mridul KrishnaSaini (v)


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