West Patel Nagar, New Delhi-110008

Primary Wing  

 Step into our primary wing, a haven of joyful learning where the simplicity of childhood meets the beauty of education. In classrooms adorned with smartboards, every lesson unfolds like a story, captivating young hearts and minds. These technologically enriched spaces not only illuminate the path of learning but also foster an environment where curiosity takes flight. The simplicity of the smartboards mirrors the uncomplicated joy of discovery experienced by our young learners. Beyond the screens, our ventilated classrooms invite a breath of fresh air, ensuring that every inhale is infused with inspiration. Here, in grades one through five, each classroom is a cocoon where friendships are formed, questions are encouraged, and the foundation for a lifetime of learning is gently laid.

Welcome to our primary wing, where the magic of education is woven into every lesson, and every ventilated classroom is a window to a brighter and more brilliant future.

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West Patel Nagar, Delhi, INDIA,110008
Phone :- 011-25881101,011-25886238
E-Mail :- davpswp@yahoo.in

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