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Chairman- Sh. Ravinder Kumar

I am delighted to learn that the school is releasing ‘VIVIDHA ‘, its Annual Newsletter.

I feel that the school has come a long way. Its accomplishments are discernible in every sphere. This issue is a wonderful collection of all the innovative and creative events that were conducted. The school has been making incredible progress in all the realms of scholastic and co-scholastic development. Further, it is worthy to mention that adequate opportunities are being given to each child to display his/her talents and persue his/her interest.

The valuable publication is the opportunity that students require to show their creative talents. My best wishes to DAV Public School, West Patel Nagar.

 Manager -Ms. Shashi Prabha Chandla

It gives me an immense pleasure in conveying my deep appreciation to the staff and students who have been performing their onerous duties and fulfilling their responsibilities with a sense of commitment. School is not merely a building, furniture and staff but, it is the students who complete the existence of school. Teachers are the most influential people in the lives of young children whatever teaching they give to their students they follow them. So I want to make an appeal to respectable fraternity of academic staff that never let down the honour shown to us by the society to lead the nation by making your students a honourable citizen of the country.

Young students have a lot of potential within them which needs proper channelization and outlet and the school’s magazine is one such outlet that provides these young potential the right platform wherein they can express themselves. It is also a window to the wide variety of activities going on in the school.

My best wishes to all teaching, non-teaching staff as well as the students.