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Welcome to a new academic year filled with promise and potential. As the proud principal, I am excited about the learning journey ahead.
At DAV School, we are dedicated to excellence in education and character development. Our team is committed to fostering critical thinking and a passion for learning, preparing students not just for academic success but for leadership and responsible citizenship.
Through innovative teaching, a well-rounded curriculum, and a focus on values, we aim to equip students for the challenges of the future. Collaboration between students, parents, and teachers is crucial, creating a supportive community where each individual can thrive.
Let's make this academic year one of growth, success, and memorable experiences for every student at DAV School.
At DAV School, our commitment goes beyond imparting knowledge; we strive to cultivate a culture of intellectual curiosity, creativity, and character. Our dedicated team of educators is passionate about nurturing the potential within each student, instilling not only academic progress but also values of integrity, discipline, and social responsibility.
We believe in preparing our students not just for exams but for life. Our curriculum is designed to be comprehensive, embracing innovation and embracing diverse learning methodologies. As we embark on this journey, collaboration is key—between students, parents, and teachers. Together, we can create a dynamic and supportive environment where every individual can thrive and flourish.
This academic year holds the promise of growth, success, and transformation. Let us, as a united DAV School community, make it a chapter in the lives of our students that they will cherish and carry with them into a future of limitless possibilities.
With enthusiasm and high expectations.

Rashmi Gupta


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