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Design for Change 2017  

The main tagline for this year was “HEALTH IS WEALTH” -A healthy mind stays in a healthy body. The main issues taken care of were- Usage of whiteners as the whitener abuse problem has been compounded by its easy procurement, negligible cost and its lack of odour. We had group discussions on ill effects of hand sanitizers and whiteners. We instructed the students not to use whiteners for correction.  Health and personal hygiene of students was the second area because now a days the children are more interested in eating junk food rather than healthy food. A team of students was made who was given a task to visit classrooms every day before lunch break and check lunch boxes of students. The students who used to bring healthy were given red stars and black stars to those who used to bring unhealthy food. We made our own hand sanitiser and mosquito repellent by using natural materials. At the end of month, the winners were awarded with a badge.